Rollout Playbook

After your initial setup in Quore is complete, you are ready to learn how to best utilize Quore for managing your hotel. Our Rollout Playbook guides you through this learning process so that hotel staff can begin using Quore’s apps quickly and efficiently.

Note: Click here to download a printable version of our Rollout Playbook. If you have any questions be sure to contact our support team 24-7 by email or call 877-974-9774.


Step 1: Find Your Champion

Identify your Quore Champion, the go-to individual for understanding the system and training your staff. If you’re a larger property, you may want to designate multiple Champions to handle these responsibilities.

Note: We recommend your Champion(s) have General Manager (GM),
Assistant GM (AGM) or Operations Manager privileges in Quore to add employees across departments.


Step 2: Configure Your Hotel Devices

To get the most reliable internet connection using Quore’s mobile app over your property’s Wi-Fi network, set up your smartphones or tablets as managed devices with your internet service provider.

  • Find Your Wi-Fi MAC Addresses: Every mobile or tablet device has a Wi-Fi MAC Address located in the settings of the device.

  • Contact Your Internet Service Provider: Provide all Wi-Fi MAC Addresses to your internet service provider.

  • Don’t Forget to Ask: The Making Devices Managed PDF (see note below) has topics you will want to discuss with your internet service provider.

  • Download the Quore App: Go to the App or Google Play store and search “Quore Mobile App.”

Note: Be sure to set up your devices before rolling out or training your staff. Downloading the Making Devices Managed PDF will give you all the instructions needed to get your devices ready.

The Quore mobile app is designed to work with Apple and Android mobile products. Click here to learn more about the system requirements for desktop and mobile.


Step 3: Train Your Staff

Your team can train at any pace with our handy Department Guides, available for download or online at Be sure to schedule dedicated time for each department to effectively learn Quore.

Prior to training be sure to:

  1. Have all devices ready

  2. Schedule your staff training

  3. Download the PDF guides



Step 4: Explore Quore

These apps are those which require some initial setup in order to match your hotel’s day-to-day workflow. This initial setup is a one-time process that will help you make the most of the Inspections, PMs, Cleanings, and Inventory apps. Click to learn more about setting up your:

Note: There are prepopulated items in Inventory and premade templates in the PMs and Cleanings apps. We suggest customizing these items and templates to reflect the assets and workflow of your hotel.