Closing a Complaint

When a guest’s complaint has been resolved, closing the complaint allows you to measure and improve overall guest satisfaction.

In this article, you will learn how to close a complaint from the desktop and from the mobile Complaints app.

How to Close a Complaint from the Desktop

1. From the desktop Complaints app, locate the complaint you wish to view and click it. Review all information to make sure it is complete.

  • Pro Tip: Before closing out the complaint, you may need to add a related ticket. To do this, choose an option from the Actions section on the right.

2. Click the red Close Complaint button when you are ready to close it out.

Complaints 2.png

3. Quore will then generate a Close Report in which you will specify the:

  • Resolution

  • Guest satisfaction level with resolution

  • Monetary value of the resolution

  • Any final notes

Please note, you should only enter the monetary value of the resolution in the $ Value field. For example, if the guest was given 2,000 points, you would enter the monetary value those points equate to. You would NOT enter 2,000 in the $ Value field as this would read as $2,000.

4. To add a guest related follow-up task from the Close Report, click to check the the “Add a related guest satisfaction follow-up task” box. Fill out the due date, then assign the follow-up task to a Person, Department, or Anyone. Add a Follow-up Description outlining what action should be taken.

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5. When you are ready to close the complaint, click the Finish button.

How to Close a Complaint on Mobile

1. From the mobile Complaints app, tap on the complaint you wish to close.

2. Review all information to ensure there is nothing you wish to add or edit, then tap on the red Complete button.

3. Use the dropdown menus to select the type of compensation the guest received and the guest’s satisfaction with this resolution. Then enter the monetary value of the resolution.

4. Add any details regarding how the complaint was resolved.

5. If you wish to add a guest satisfaction follow-up task, just tap on the box beside this option. Enter the date the task should be completed, assign it to the appropriate person, and add a description if you wish.

6. Tap the Complete button to close the complaint.

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