In this article, you will learn how to track closed room notices from the desktop Rooms Book app.

How to Navigate to the Records Page

1. From the desktop Rooms Book app, click on the Records page button.

2. Here you will have the option to see closed notices in list view or see a room’s history in list view.

Notices – List View

1. From the Records page, click on Notices – List View to see all closed room notices.

2. Use the Type Filters on the right to refine your results. Click the green Apply Filters button to implement your selections.

3. Click into any line item to view further details.

History – List View

1. From the Records page, click on History – List View to see a room’s entire history.

2. Select an area from the dropdown menu. Use the Record Type section to the right to refine the details you see.

3. Click the green Get History button.

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