Adding Inventory

Quore Account Manager Collier Mathis explains how to update your Inventory app. Click here to take the Inventory e-learning course.

Management level users and engineering can register items to the Inventory app using the desktop version of Quore.

This will allow you to:

  • Monitor the item’s condition using PMs and work orders

  • Ensure Quore mirrors the actual items at your hotel

  • Easily view the hotel’s assets by category to understand the ages, conditions, and quantities of items within your hotel

In this article, you will learn how to add an item to your inventory. You can add individual items from the Overview page, and add an item to multiple areas quickly using the Items List page.

How to Add an Item to Inventory Using the Overview Page

1. From the desktop Inventory app, click the area on the Hotel Assets grid where you want to add an item.

2. Click the +New Item(s) link located just below the Hotel Assets grid and in the upper right corner of the inventory list.

3. Use the dropdown menus to select the Area/Room Section and Category for the new item. You may add a new category if needed. Do the same with the item group and type.

4. Fill in the Serial Number, Warranty, Installation, and Other fields, if you wish.

  • Pro Tip: Both PMs and work orders can be associated with the Inventory app. Filling out the Serial Number and Other fields are important informationally, but can also be used as distinguishing factors when associated with PMs.

5. When you have entered this information, click on the green Add Item button. The newly added item will appear on your Item List a moment later.

How to Add an Item to Inventory Using the Item List Page

1. From the Inventory app, click on the Item List page button.

2. Find the category for the item you wish to add, then click on the See Item Types link to the right. (For this example we will be adding Channel Guides to every guestroom).


3. On the Category Details page, locate the group, location, brand, and model that matches the item you wish to add. To add a new individual item, click on the See Item Types button in the Actions column again.

  • Pro Tip: If the item group does not exist, add a new group using the + New Group button. The new group you have created will show up in the + New Item Type link.

4. Click See Item Types on the Category Details page.

5. Click + New Item(s).

6. Select the Area, Location, and Sections for the item. Click continue.

7. Follow the prompts to complete adding all of the items.

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