Track Guest Complaints

From the time a Complaint is reported to the follow up, Quore has you covered. When Complaints are posted, Quore will make everyone aware.

Understanding the Complaints Form

Fill in these fields to create a Complaint. Here is an overview of the Complaint form.

Pro Tip: Leaving the complaint unassigned will still alert general managers, assistant general managers, operations managers, and front desk managers. Additionally, if you assign the complaint to a user outside of those roles, that person will also receive the notification.


Creating a Complaint

Complaints can be created from the Dashboard or on the mobile, but here we will walk you through how to create one through the Complaints app.

To create a complaint:

  1. Open the Complaints app.

  2. Click the + New page button.

  3. Complete the form and click Add Complaint.


Closing a Complaint

When a Complaint is closed in Quore, you will be able to mark if the guest was given anything for their trouble, the revenue lost, their mood, and any notes. You can also create a follow-up task to contact them before they leave.

To close a complaint:

  1. Open the Complaints app.

  2. Open the resolved Complaint and click Close Complaint.

  3. Fill in the resolution details and click Finish. If giving reward points, be sure to put the value and not the number of points on the value line.