Meet Quore

This guide introduces you to Quore as a hotel manager. Please download the PDF version below to learn about a manager’s daily routine and to meet the Quore apps.

Management Guide: Download Guide | Hablamos Español



The Quore mobile app keeps you aware of hotel happenings in real time. Remember to mark yourself on duty before starting your shift. This allows you to receive push notifications for items assigned to you.

To access your user profile:

  1. Tap the User Profile option in the nav bar to open your profile.

  2. This allows you to change your property (if applicable), change your on duty status, go to settings, get support, or log out. Tap on the gray area to return to the previous screen.

  3. Tap the App Switcher to navigate away from the To Do List and select another app.



After logging in at, you can navigate the system by using the options at the top of the page. Here are some details.



As a manager, the Dashboard gives you quick look of what is currently open in guestrooms and what has been completed for the month.

  1. Rooms Grid: See what is currently open in guestrooms. Clicking on a guestroom will allow you to schedule a callback reminder.

  2. Response Time: The time it takes from when a guest related Request or Work Order is posted to when it is started for the current year.

  3. Guest Satisfaction: Guest Satisfaction levels from follow-up callbacks for the last 30 days.

  4. At a Glance: A monthly look at how many items your team is putting into Quore. Red means your team is behind a set threshold. For more on setting monthly thresholds reach out to our support team.

  5. Log Book: Use this to communicate information to the entire staff. Read posts appear in gray and unread in blue with a green dot. Clicking on an entry will display who has read it.

  6. Actions: Mark yourself on duty, create a To Do, Room Notice, Complaint, Sales Lead, or a Log Sheet here. You can also search for directions or a lost & found item.

  7. On Duty: See who is on duty. You can mark others off duty if they forget to sign off before they leave.


Viewing Records

Most apps have records available in them. Use the App Switcher then click Records to find what you need. Here, we will use the To Do app as an example.

Pro Tip: Looking for records for Complaints, PMs, or Lost & Found or anything else? Go to the respective apps to see completed work for those items.

To view records for an app:

1. Open the To Do app from the App Switcher.
2. Click the + New page button.
3. Click All Records – List View to see completed Work Orders, Requests, Tasks, and Satisfaction Calls.
4. This list can be sorted by priority, date or type.