Creating a CapEx Request

In this article, you will learn how to create a CapEx request.

How to Create a CapEx Request

1. From the desktop, open the CapEx app and click the + New page button.

2. Use the fields to select your property, add details, and to select the request type, department, and priority level. Certain request types will also prompt you to select a date by which this request should be addressed.

3. Click the green Create Request button when you have entered this information.

4. Next, enter the reason you are submitting the request, the solution plan (what will be done, such as whether a broken item is being fixed or replaced), the asset type, request amount, and other information. If you are requesting something concerning an existing asset, you will have the ability to create a work order for the item by using the + New Work Order link beside the Asset Type dropdown. Click + New Photos to attach pictures. Click the + New Bid link to enter one or multiple bids for this request. Add any comments using the Add Comments box.

  • Pro Tip: Bids are attached to vendors. Vendors can be created from within the CapEx app, but it is much more helpful to have your vendors preloaded by entering them in the Directory app.

5. When all necessary information has been entered, click the green Submit button.

The request will then be submitted to the next person in the flow.

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