CapEx Records

In this article, you will learn how to track CapEx records.

How to Track CapEx Records

1. From the desktop, log in to Quore, click on the App Switcher, scroll down and click on the CapEx app.

2. Click on the Closed page button. Use the Filter Request button to view specific closed CapEx requests. This page will show you completed and rejected requests, but the requests you see will depend on your access level within CapEx.

3. Click on the Binder page button to run a report. Enter the budget year, status, inflation percentage, format (either Excel which is editable, or PDF which is view-only), and the report orientation.

4. Click the green Generate Binder button.

5. Click on the link generated to download and view your report with the specified information.

  • Pro Tip: If you are part of the CapEx flow, you can also see approved requests on the Approved page in the CapEx app. 
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