Connect Records

 In this article, we explain how to find Connect Records in Quore.

You will be able to see how many text messages have been sent and received, conversations of in-house guests, and conversations of previous guests in the Reports app.

Connect App Records

Guest Profile

1. If a guest is in-house, click on the guest’s name in the “In House Guests” section of the Overview page.

2. This will show the current stay and all of the guest’s previous stays, and if you click on the green boxes you will see previous conversations. Down the page you will also see what this guest has requested in the past, and be able to add comments on this guest.

Account Page

If you are a General Manager, Assistant General Manager, or Operations Manager you will have access to the Account page in Connect.

1. Click on the Account page button.

2. Here you will have a dropdown defaulting to the current month. The received text messages will appear in red, and the sent messages will appear in blue.

Reports App

Connect also has three reports in the Reports app. To view them:

1. Use the App Switcher to open the Reports app.

2. Select Connect from the category filter.

3. Choose from either the Text Summary, Guest Requests, or Text Conversations reports to run.

To learn more about Connect, click here. 


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