Using Callbacks

Callback reminders allow you to follow up with guests to ensure they have everything they need.

  • Pro Tip: Callbacks can only be created from the desktop. 

In this article, you will learn how to create and complete callbacks for room satisfaction calls, work orders, and requests using the desktop version of Quore.

How to Create a Satisfaction Callback

1. From the desktop Dashboard, click on a guestroom from the Rooms Grid.

2. Click the green Create Guest Satisfaction Call button.

  • Pro Tip: The callback reminder will appear in purple on that room in 15 minutes.

Understanding Work Order/Request Callbacks

1. After completing a Guest Requested work order or request, a callback reminder will automatically generate on the Rooms Grid.

  • Pro Tip: Staff work orders (or requests) will not create callback reminders because no call needs to be made.

How to Complete a Callback

1. From your Dashboard page Rooms Grid, click on the purple room you would like to complete a callback for.

2. Click the link in the box.

3. Review the information, then click the Complete button.

  • Pro Tip: Clicking the link on a work order or request callback will take you to the details of the completed To Do.

4. Select the guest’s satisfaction level, or if a message was left, add any notes. Then click the Finish button.

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