In this article, we will explain the importance of the mobile device when using Quore to streamline your hotel operations.

Whether you are using an iPod, a smartphone, or tablet, Quore uses devices to send push notifications to staff members as they walk the property for things like work orders, guest requests, complaints, and more.

Quore is compatible with Apple and Android devices, but please avoid using Amazon Fire devices as these have been known to have inconsistencies when uploading photos.

Device Options

While Quore does not provide devices, our app is free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Be sure to read through our System Requirements article to ensure your devices are compatible with Quore.

Since Quore will use your hotel Wi-Fi, you will need to set up your devices with your internet service provider. Click to learn more about setting up your Apple or Android device.

Push Notifications

Receiving push notifications on mobile devices is important for alerting the team when work needs to be completed. Click here to learn more about using push notifications