Meet Quore

This guide explains how to use Quore at the front desk. Please download the PDF version below to learn about a front desk agent’s daily routine in Quore.

Desktop Navigation

After logging in at, you can navigate the system by using the options at the top of the page. Here are some details.

Pro Tip: Clicking on each color will expand with more details about the item.




Understanding the Desktop Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you a quick look of what is currently open in guestrooms and has shortcuts to create work for the team.

  1. Rooms Grid: See what is currently open in guestrooms. Clicking on a guestroom will allow you to schedule a callback reminder.

  2. Response Time: The time it takes from when a guest related Request or Work Order is posted to when it is started for the current year.

  3. Guest Satisfaction: Guest Satisfaction levels from follow-up callbacks for the last 30 days.

  4. Log Book: Use this to communicate information to the entire staff. Read posts appear in gray and unread in blue with a green dot. Clicking on an entry will display who has read it.

  5. Actions: Mark yourself on duty, create a To Do, Room Notice, Complaint, Sales Lead, or a Log Sheet here. You can also search for directions or a lost & found item.

  6. On Duty: See who is marked on duty. This is helpful when creating Work Orders or Requests because you will know who is available.