Fixing Failed Items

When a room inspector fails an item, the housekeeper responsible for the cleaning will be prompted to correct the issue.

How to Fix Failed Cleaning Inspection Items

In this article, you will learn how housekeepers can fix failed items using the mobile Cleanings Plus app. Download a Spanish version HERE.

1. When a housekeeper is marked On Duty in the Quore mobile app, they will receive a notification that a cleaning has failed inspection. To correct the failed item, open the mobile Cleanings Plus app.

2. The failed room on the Breakout page will be marked with an X icon. Tap on the room tile to open the room.

3. You will see a list of failed inspection items. Tap Start to begin. When you have fixed the issue, tap the box to verify the failed items have been corrected.  You can use the Pause button or More Options buttons if needed.

4. Tap the Done button to resubmit the room for inspection.

5. Quore will ask you to confirm that you are ready to submit the inspection. Tap the green Submit button to alert the room inspector that the issue has been corrected.



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