Cleanings Plus Introduction

The Cleanings Plus app allows the housekeeping department to track their entire room cleaning flow, from starting breakouts to completing cleaning inspections.

The Cleanings Plus app is a premium app that serves as an enhanced version of the Cleanings app. Your property will have the Cleanings app unless it has purchased Cleanings Plus. This article will highlight the features of the Cleanings Plus app.

How to Get Cleanings Plus

The Cleanings Plus app is a premium app, and is available for an additional cost. If you would like to purchase the Cleanings Plus app for your hotel, please email our sales team at 

How to Set Up Cleanings Plus

If it is your first time using Cleanings Plus, you will be prompted to customize the settings to your property in order to tailor boards to your hotel. As you provide this information, you will designate which cleaning types you use, how long each type of cleaning should take, and a few other details. This process is a one-time occurrence intended to expedite daily operations, however, settings can easily be updated at any time in the future.

You can change your Cleanings Plus settings to update to time or credits, update boards, and customize cleaning inspection templates. Click here to learn more about the Cleanings Plus setup. 

How to Start a Breakout

Once your setup is complete, the supervisor will start a breakout in Quore each morning. After boards have been assigned and distributed, housekeepers will receive push notifications with the rooms they need to clean for the day. Click here to learn more about starting a breakout. 

How to Clean a Room

This step is completed by housekeepers using the Quore mobile app. Click here to learn more about cleaning a room using the Cleanings Plus app.

How to Supervise a Breakout

Executive housekeepers and housekeeping supervisors have the ability to manage a breakout from the mobile device or desktop. This allows them to change cleaning types, remove rooms from an active breakout, watch cleaning and inspection progress in real time, and more. Click here to learn more about supervising a breakout

How to Inspect a Room

Supervisors will be automatically notified when a room is ready to inspect. Use the mobile app to score the cleanliness of each area assigned. Click here to learn more about inspecting a room. 

How to Fix Failed Items

When an inspection item is failed, the housekeeper responsible for the cleaning will have the opportunity to correct the issue and resubmit the room for inspection. Click here to learn more about fixing failed items. 

Cleanings Plus Records

Cleanings Plus is designed to help your property improve performance over time. The Records page displays each housekeeper’s average score per month for the last 12 months, the number of daily inspections completed for the last 12 days, and the number of deep cleans completed in the timeframe selected in Settings. Clicking into any square on the grid reveals additional details. Click here to learn more about Cleanings Plus records. 

Cleanings Plus Reports

The Reports page houses multiple reports designed to help your hotel track performance several ways. These reports provide detailed insights on cleaning times, inspection times, staff productivity, and more. Additionally, the End of Breakout Report is now automatically emailed to GMs, AGMs, Operations Managers and Executive Housekeepers when a breakout is concluded. Click here to learn more about Cleanings Plus reports. 

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