Manage Your Daily Work

As a member of the engineering team, we recommend checking your To Do List at the start of each shift. This allows you to see anything assigned to you, your department, or anyone. Use the To Do app to handle Work Orders and Requests.

Understanding the To Do List

The To Do List includes Requests, Work Orders, Complaints, Tasks, PMs, and several other items assigned to the engineering department.

Pro Tip: Readings appear on the To Do List by default. Update what reading reminders appear by going to the Readings app on desktop.


Understanding the Work Order Form

Fill in these fields to create a Work Order. Some fields default to certain options to help save time, but every field can be changed.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that checking Guest Requested will trigger escalation push notification alerts to department heads within 30 minutes and to management after 45 minutes if the Work Order is not addressed.

Creating a Work Order

Use Work Orders to let people know what is broken. Follow these steps to create a Work Order.

To create a Work Order:

  1. From the mobile To Do app, tap the + icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  2. Tap Work Order.

  3. Fill out the Work Order form.

  4. Tap Post.


Completing a Work Order

Open the To Do app to view any open Work Orders, Requests, or Tasks.

  1. Click on the appropriate Work Order.

  2. Click Start To Do to begin working.

  3. Click Complete.

  4. Fill out the appropriate fields and click Complete to close the Work Order.