Why do I need mobile devices?

Quore has a mobile app that uses mobile devices to alert staff with push notifications for things like work orders, requests, guest complaints, and more. The devices allow you to complete work in real time. Additionally, there are certain aspects of Quore, such as mobile cleaning inspections in the Cleanings app, that can only be completed using the Quore mobile app. 

Does Quore provide devices?

No, but if you are looking to purchase some for your property, read the Mobile section of the System Requirements article to learn about what devices to buy. Another option is to download the Quore mobile app on your personal device at no cost. Our app is compatible with Apple and Android devices. 

*Please note: The Amazon Fire family of devices has been known to cause problems when attempting to use Quore. Please do not purchase Amazon Fire devices with the intension of running Quore as they will not work. 

Who needs to carry a device at the hotel?

We recommend having at least one device each for the manager on duty, chief engineer, and executive housekeeper to receive complaints, work orders, and requests. It all depends on the size of your hotel. If you have many engineers on duty at once, we recommend that all of them have access to Quore on a device. Remember, if you download the Quore mobile app on your personal device, you will not need to purchase a device. 

Once we have devices, are they ready to use?

Not quite. The final step is to get the devices registered with your internet service provider. Learn how to set up your device for Apple and Android. 

What if I don’t want staff members to have access to anything other than the Quore mobile app and the camera? Is there a way to lock down the device?

Yes! Click here for instructions on Apple, and click here for instructions on Android.

How do I ensure push notifications work on my devices?

Check the Settings of the device and make sure all of the notification options are on in the General area and for the Quore Mobile app. Check the volume of the device as well. It is also important to ensure you are connected to the internet. Lastly, make sure you are marked On Duty in the Quore Mobile app. Click here to learn more about push notifications.