What features of the system do you recommend for someone in the sales department?

We recommend our Sales app. For more information on adding this app, contact our sales team at Even without the addition of the Sales app, Quore offers many great options for sales departments. Tasks in the To Do app are great for reminders, as are any of the other communication pieces of the system like the Log Book, Mail app or Calendar app. You can also use the dashboard Room’s Grid to see what is happening at the hotel.

If you have the Sales app, the questions below may be helpful for you.

When creating a new account, the box is cut off and I am unable to see the bottom. How can I fix this?

If you run in to this, more than likely it is a resolution issue with your computer. To fix it, hold the control button on your keyboard (command on Apple computers), then tap the minus (-) button until you can see the bottom of the box.

What do the booking/negotiated rates statuses mean in Sales?

There are five statuses in Quore Sales. They are Proposal, Tentative, Definite, Completed and Cancelled. A new booking/negotiated rate will remain in Proposal status until the contract is emailed to the client in the Contract tab. The booking/negotiated rate will then change to Tentative status. It will remain in Tentative status until a signed contract is uploaded. The booking/negotiated rate will then change to Definite status. You will be able to change bookings/negotiated rates to Cancelled status using the Update Status link inside the booking/negotiated rate. Bookings/negotiated rates will change to Completed status if they are in Definite status and the departure/end date of the group block/meeting/event/negotiated rate has passed.

How do I make changes to a booking/negotiated rate with an uploaded signed contract?

Think of the uploaded signed contract as locking the booking/negotiated rate in place. If a client needs to add more rooms or food items, etc., simply delete the contract. Then make your changes and save a new contract with all the changes. Once you email the contract again then upload the signed contract, the status will return to Definite.

What do the different colors mean on the GRC (Group Rooms Calendar)?

The GRC is a heat map, so the more rooms you add for a day, the closer to red it will turn. Every day will start at green then move to orange and eventually go to red once all the rooms are booked.

How will I add required items to meeting room bookings and how will those appear on the BEO (Banquet and Events Order)

Go to the Settings page in the Sales app and click on Meeting Room Setup. You can either edit a default Setup we provide or create a new one. The Name, Description and Required Items fields will flow to the BEO. So if the room has 50 chairs, 10 tables or a projector, then add the item in the Required Items box and it will flow to the BEO when you select that Room Setup in the booking.