What is Quore?

Quore is a cloud-based operations and asset management solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry. We have a desktop and mobile platform that communicate with each other in real time. The Quore mobile app is designed to alert the appropriate parties of items that require attention. When these items have been addressed, you can track the results from the desktop to evaluate how your hotel is performing over time. To learn more about what Quore can do for you, visit

How do I get devices?

Quore does not provide devices, but you can download the Quore mobile app to your Apple or Android device at no cost. If you choose to purchase your own devices, read our System Requirements article to learn more about which operating systems work best with Quore.

How many devices does my hotel need?

We recommend having at least one device each for the Manager on Duty, Chief Engineer, and Executive Housekeeper to receive complaints, work orders, and requests. It all depends on the size of your hotel. If you have many engineers on duty at once, we recommend that all of them have access to Quore on a device. Remember, if you download the Quore Mobile app on your personal device, you will not need to purchase a device.

How do I reset my password?

Contact your manager, and they can help you reset your password. The Managing Your Staff article will explain how to reset staff Quore IDs and passwords. If you are a General Manager, AGM, or Operations Manager, contact us and we can help you. Our number is 877-974-9774 and our email is

I’m new to Quore. What is the best way to roll out the system?

Welcome! If you’re reading this, then you are already in the right place. This site is designed to guide you through Quore’s many apps and features. When getting started, we recommend using the New Hotel Checklist article to get your team ready. For more department specific questions, explore our other FAQ articles.  

What are the differences between desktop and mobile Quore?

Our mobile app will allow you to take action in real time, but if you need to customize templates or look at records in Quore, then the desktop platform is where you can do that. For example, completing a PM or entering a pool reading can be done from the mobile, but you must load a template from the desktop.

Does everyone need an individual Quore login?

We recommend creating an individual login for everyone at the hotel because it will help track personal performance. If you are a General Manager, remember that your AGM, Operations Manager, and your department heads (Chief Engineer, Executive Housekeeper, Front Desk Manager, F&B Manager, and Sales Manager) have the ability to create Quore logins as well. GMs, AGMs, and Ops Managers can create logins for all departments while the department heads can add staff for their respective departments. Learn how to add employees by reading the Managing Your Staff article.