Above Property

What features of Quore will I use most?

 Above property users typically use the following apps:

  • Hotel Book (to monitor thresholds for all properties)

  • CapEx (to monitor and approve capital expenditure requests)

  • Budget (to track budgetary goals)

  • Mail (to send out important announcements, messages, and/or memos)

  • Reports (to populate and print various reports regarding information tracked within Quore)

  • Inspections (to complete inspections and view records)

You will also find many helpful features on the Dashboard. Click here to learn the purpose and function of your dashboard features.

Where do I find records for completed items, such as inspections, work orders, requests, and complaints?

You can access records from the desktop using the respective apps (such as the Inspections app for inspection records, or the To Do app for work orders), as well as the Reports app. 

What can I see in the At a Glance bar?

Learn about the dashboard At a Glance bar in our Above Property Dashboard article

Can I view all my properties’ At a Glance bars in one place?

Yes. The Hotel Book app will allow you to view all At a Glance bars on the same page. 

What is the PM Trend Report?

 The PM Trend Report tracks PM progress for all properties on a weekly basis. PMs will be sectionalized by the type of PM: guestroom, life safety, building, and mechanical. Different colors represent how much progress was made that week. Green means that 100% or more of the PMs have been completed that week. Yellow means 75-99%. Red indicates less than 75% of PMs have been completed.