Property Management

What job titles in Quore are considered property management?

General Manager (GM), Assistant General Manager (AGM), and Operations Manager (Ops Manager). These users have full access to the Quore system, and all available applications. They also have the ability to add, edit (password resets), and delete employees through the Directory app. Read the Managing Your Staff article to learn how.

How do I access all of the Quore IDs and passwords for my staff?

From the desktop, click on the App Switcher. Click on the Directory app. Your existing staff members will appear. Click the Edit link for the staff member whose username you wish to edit. Quore does not display passwords, but management can always reset them. To learn more about resetting passwords, read our Managing Your Staff article. We recommend keeping track of all initial login credintials so that your staff can log in and set up their own individual passwords from there. Store this information somewhere secure for future reference.

How do we get the most out of Quore?

After your hotel has access to Quore, take a few hours to train your staff and get familiar with how the desktop and mobile devices work together. Use the New Hotel Checklist article as a guide for success. Have the staff focus on the beginner features from the checklist, then introduce the setup features. Remember, the Inventory, Inspections, Cleanings, and PMs apps may require additional setup, so we recommend that your Quore Champion be working on that while the staff is getting to know Quore.

What articles do you recommend for a property manager?

We recommend exploring our Getting Started articles, Dashboard Overview (Desktop), General FAQ, Managing Your Staff, and the Device category articles. Reading through the introduction articles for each app will be very helpful as well.

How do I locate records and reports?

Most of the apps have their own records sections. You will find records articles in the Support Center grouped within the app categories. These records sections give you more detailed information on how to track completed actionable items, but if you need more of a high-level look, go to the Reports app. Learn more about running a report here.