Front Desk

What parts of Quore are most important to a front desk agent?

The most relevant apps for the front desk include:

  • To Do app: to create work orders, requests, tasks, and satisfaction calls as needed.

  • Logs app: communicate daily notes to all staff, complete log sheets (such as your daily cash count)

  • Directory app: allows the front desk manager to create front desk logins, load in local venues, view upcoming group blocks and meeting events (for properties using the Sales app)

  • Mail app: to receive messages and memos, communicate with staff members

  • Lost & Found app: to help keep track of all lost and found items at the hotel

  • Complaints app: to track guest complaints

  • Dashboard: to quickly enter new logs, complaints, room notices, and to do items, as well as view rooms with any open notices

What is the difference between a work order, request, and task in Quore?

A work order is anything that needs to be repaired or replaced by engineering. For example, fixing a toilet or sink. A request is for housekeeping or when a guest needs an item. For example, if they request pillows or more towels. A task is a non-urgent, routine duty that is set up as a reminder. All guest-related items should be entered as either work orders or requests so that escalation push notifications will be sent to all devices. Click here to learn more about the To Do app. 

What is the difference between Staff Member and Hotel Guest to do types?

There are two main differences.

  • A Staff Member to do does not have an escalation process attached to it. Hotel Guest work orders or requests are eligible to send “Drop Ball” alerts to all department heads if the to do is not started within 30 minutes. Management (GMs, AGMs, and Ops Managers) will receive the same notification if the to do is not started within 45 minutes.

  • Hotel Guest to dos will generate callbacks while Staff Member types will not. Callbacks appear on the dashboard Rooms Grid in purple 15 minutes after the to do is completed.

Can you track progress, edit or close, and/or complete any to dos that you create?

Yes. Although you may have assigned a work order, request, or task to a specific department or person outside of the front desk, the creator of the to do will always be able to manage those items he or she created. This allows the hotel the flexibility to have any department involved in the creation/completion of a to do.

Can/should you put work orders, requests, and tasks in the log book?

No. The log book is designed to keep communication open between all staff. For example, specific procedure instructions, important shift change information, etc. We strongly recommend entering all guest-related work in the To Do app.