What parts of Quore are most important to an engineer?

  • To Do app: to open and close work orders

  • PMs app: to create and complete PMs

  • Readings app: to record boiler, meter, and pool readings

  • Directory app: chief engineer can create engineering logins, load vendors, and more

  • Mail app: to receive messages and memos, communicate with staff members

  • Complaints app: to close complaints assigned to engineering

  • Inventory app: to customize assets by adding or removing items

What is the difference between a work order, request, and task in Quore?

A work order is anything that needs to be repaired or replaced by engineering. For example, if the hotel needs a toilet or a sink fixed. A request is for housekeeping when the guest needs an item. For example, if they need more towels or pillows. A task is a non-urgent, routine duty that acts as a reminder. Be sure to enter all guest-related items as either work orders or requests as this will create escalation push alerts.

Why don’t I get notifications on my mobile device?

First, make sure your internet service provider has been contacted and your devices are set up as managed devices.  Learn how to set up your Apple devices here and your Android devices here. Go to the Settings app on your device (outside of Quore) to check that alerts are turned on for the app. You also must be marked On Duty in Quore. Click here to learn more about push notifications.

Can I complete work orders, PMs, and readings from the desktop?

Yes, but since Quore was designed to complete items in real time, we recommend doing so on a mobile device.

What if all recommended guestrooms on the mobile PM Calendar are occupied?

Just use the Upcoming button right below to select other rooms to PM. As long as you complete the number of rooms Quore recommends, you will stay on track for the quarter. Click here to learn more about PMs.

Can I complete a guestroom PM from a previous quarter?

No. Since Quore is designed to document PMs and other items while you are physically completing them, you will not be able to complete one retroactively. The new quarter will reset all of the guestroom PMs.

Can I pause a PM or work order?

Yes. If you get pulled away, use the Pause button and all your work will be saved to be resumed at a later time. When you are ready to resume, use the Resume button.

Why are there so many fields for pool readings?

Quore tracks your LSI Index and your turnover rate, so providing as much information as you can helps to make these calculations as accurate as possible. The FC, pH, All, Cal, and Temp fields must be filled out to calculate the LSI and turnover rate. However, only the free chlorine (FC) field is required to submit a reading in Quore. We understand that most hotels don’t take calcium (or water hardness) readings daily, so we recommend using your most current calcium reading as a placeholder to ensure accurate calculations.

What if I need to add a pool, meter, or boiler to Quore?

Call Support at +1 (877) 974-9774 or email and we will help you with that.

Where do I find the records for completed PMs, work orders, and readings?

You can find all records on the desktop version of Quore. See the Records sections of the respective apps. You can also run reports using the Reports app (click here to learn how).