Log Records

You can use log records to help keep track of previous desk log and log sheet entries.

In this article, you will learn how to access log records using the Logs app from your desktop.

How to View Desk Log Archives

1. From the Logs app on your desktop, use the Keyword Filter search and Period Filter to find previous log entries.

  • Pro Tip: Desk log entries can be deleted, but only by GMs, AGMs, and Ops managers.

Keyword Search and Filter.jpg

How to View Log Sheet Records

1. From the Logs app on your desktop, click on Log Sheets.

2. Choose the log sheet type from the dropdown menu, enter the dates and times for the logs, and then click the green Filter Logs button.

  • Pro Tip: To view all logs from all dates, leave the date and time dropdowns blank.

Log Sheets.jpg

3. Quore will generate a grid containing detailed data about the selected log records. The data that appears is directly tied to the type of log sheet you are using.

  • Pro Tip: Log sheet records are also stored in the Reports app.

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